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Spring clamps, aka muslin clamps or pinch clamps, are commonly used for firm gripping of objects, as an example, for gluing or painting. These little tools are basically two steel jaw parts joined together.

When you see these clamps you might think it’s only useful for carpentry. But it is indeed very useful when you need an extra hand, especially in woodworking or DIY, as it can hold two pieces together, depending on its size.

Here are a few uses of Spring Clamps :

– It is very helpful in making baskets and general crafts. This can be very helpful to those art lovers who need an extra hand from time to time.

– They are very useful for holding heavy duty plastic covers over young plants to protect the plants from frost.

– They are very useful hand tools for home improvement, for example, anything that needs a high amount of pressure to automatically force two objects together.

– A useful tool in a photo studio set up. Can help hold fabric backgrounds for professional photo shoot and DIY lightning photo shoot. Most studio set ups always have these spring clamps or muslin clamps. A set of muslin clamps are always used whenever there are professional background support system being used.

Spring clamps come in different sizes and tensions too. It’s uses depends on its size, there are bigger ones for heavy duty jobs and for smaller tools for lighter tasks. These clamps are durable. Other spring clamps are often sold in sets.

These can be use for indoor and outdoor tasks too. A huge advantage of using these hand tools is when you’re working alone – they are vitally helpful then especially. You don’t need anyone to hold any objects for you. Usually these days people are buying things that can help them complete different tasks without needing someone’s help, especially if you’re always left alone in your home.

These spring clamps are very handy tools for carpenters, they do well holding two objects together. These super strong tools are very useful in clamping fabrics to wooden edges. When it comes to for your safety, remember this tip: When several heavy items are being held together and are being moved in different locations it could be unintentionally knocked loose. So be careful when handling these tools.

These are just a few of many uses of spring clamps. There are more interesting uses for Spring Clamps than meets the eye. But they are indeed a powerful and underrated hand tool suitable for repairs in your home in literally thousands of ways.